Planning Clearance Applications

Remember to fill out all applications in their entirety.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  If you have any questions regarding these applications, please contact us at (970) 464-5602, or email Community Development at planning@townofpalisade.org

Completed applications can be returned to us by dropping off at Palisade Town Hall - 175 East 3rd Street; by mail at P.O. Box 128, Palisade, CO 81526; or via email at info@townofpalisade.org

Reroof, residing, interior remodel (excluding change of use), window replacement, electric service upgrades, plumbing upgrades, water connection (outside of Town), and similar actions that do not change the scale, use or character of a structure or land use. It also includes Administrative Adjustment, Written Interpretation, Temporary Use Permit, and Change of Use.


< Clearance application for fences, walls, or similar structures.


Statement of Non-Objection (for fences being built on adjoining property lines).  >


< Signs and signage plan application.


Sign Information Sheet >


< Accessory Units (shed, garage, carport, patio, gazebo, porch, etc.).  Accessory dwelling unit, fruit and vegetable stand, driveway/sidewalk.


Mutual Placement Agreement for Accessory Structures >

Single family detached home, manufactured home, townhouse, two-family dwelling (duplex) multi-family, addition to existing residential.

Commercial/non-residential or addition to existing commercial/non-residential.

Minor/major subdivision - concept plan, preliminary plat, or final plat.

Rezone application to planned development.

Rezone, conditional use permit, variance, LDC text amendment, short term vacation rental (STVR), public right-of-way/easement vacation, design variance, administrative appeal, annexation, and performance action.