Palisade PD Code Compliance

What is Code Compliance?


Code compliance is the process of ensuring that citizens and businesses of a town are following, or complying with, any Codes set by their town administration.  As a code compliance officer, Sarah works with the people of Palisade to enforce the Municipal Code in order to keep the Town pleasant for living, working, and recreation.  The goal of the Code Compliance Officer is to help community members improve the quality of life in Palisade.

Town of Palisade Municipal Code



If you have any questions about Palisade Codes or issues in your neighborhood, you can call Sarah Wright at (970) 464-5601 or email at swright@townofpalisade.org


For specific concerns or complaints, please submit a Code Compliance Referral either electronically or by written form.

Code Compliance Referrals

A Code Compliance Referral is a way for you to let us know about any possible problems you notice around town.  You can fill it out electronically and email it to Sarah Wright at swright@townofpalisade.org  or print out the form, fill it out, and return it to us in person at 175 E 3rd Street, Palisade or by mail at PO Box 128, Palisade, CO 81526.

Printable Code Compliance Referral

Online Code Compliance Referral

*Anonymous referrals will not be considered.

Code Compliance Corner

With the warmer weather comes the beginning of camping season in Western Colorado.  Did you know that the Town of Palisade Municipal Code has rules on camper and trailer parking on the streets?
On-street parking in Palisade does have rules.  While you can park your vehicle at the curb, the street is not a vehicle storage area.  In fact, no vehicle may be parked for longer than 72 hours along the streets of Palisade before it must be moved.  Any vehicle that does not operate or has been abandoned is subject to Palisade Municipal Code, Section 8-42 thru
With winter weather upon us, remember that snow and ice build up on our roads and sidewalks can cause slippery conditions.  Let's work together to keep our town safe for pedestrians! Chapter 11: Article 1 - Sidewalks of Palisade's Municipal Code states