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Town of Palisade Water - September 15, 2022

Greetings fellow Citizens of Palisade,

The Town has been notified by some of our citizens that they are experiencing a discoloration in their drinking water.  To dispel any rumors or mistruths that may be circulating, our water is safe to drink and there is not, and there has not been, any danger to the public's health.  The Town of Palisade does multiple drinking water tests daily, employs a State Certified Class A Water Operator, and is, and has been, in compliance with CDPHE - Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment - since the implementation of our new state-of-the-art water treatment facility.

The Utilities Department has been flushing the distribution system since Sunday to clear out any discolored water in the water lines.  The Town's water tanks are currently replenishing with our normal and aesthetically pleasing water.  The Town has also received some reports of a sulfur smell coming from their water.  Currently, our natural underground springs are not able to keep up with this seasonal demand.  The Town began to supplement this need with water from our reserves in the Cabin Reservoir.  This supplementation is normal for this time of year.  To note, the water from Cabin Reservoir has different characteristics that that of the spring water.  This can result in a initial faint musty or earthy smells some are currently experiencing.  This is normal and is nothing to be alarmed about.  It is a naturally occurring condition and is clean and safe to drink.

If you are still noticing a color over the next day or two, please reach out to our State Certified Plant Operator, Brian Flenniken by email at - bflenniken@townofpalisade.org or by phone at 970-209-3306.  The town is dedicated to providing the people of Palisade clean, safe, reliable drinking water.

The discoloration some have reported may have left some with a light film on fixtures, in particular the toilet, which might make the water still appear yellow.  A simple remedy is to use regular distilled white vinegar to remove any residual coloring.

The Cabin Reservoir's full point is 74 feet deep.  Cabin Reservoir filled this year for the first time in a number of years.  We are currently at approximately 72 feet deep, which is up from 64 feet last year.

We encourage residents to keep practicing water wise principles.


Town of Palisade Water 9/15/2022 - PDF Version


Town of Palisade Water - September 12, 2022

Residents of the Town of Palisade have notified Town Hall of random appearances of discolored water over the last few days.
The Town continuously tests the water and wants to reassure residents that it is safe to drink and to use for other domestic purposes.

If you are experiencing any random issues with your water, please email info@townofpalisade.org
with your name, address, phone number, and a description of the issues you are experiencing.


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Code Compliance Corner

April 25, 2022
With the warmer weather comes the beginning of camping season in Western Colorado.  Did you know that the Town of Palisade Municipal Code has rules on camper and trailer parking on the streets?
April 12, 2022
On-street parking in Palisade does have rules.  While you can park your vehicle at the curb, the street is not a vehicle storage area.  In fact, no vehicle may be parked for longer than 72 hours along the streets of Palisade before it must be moved.  Any vehicle that does not operate or has been abandoned is subject to Palisade Municipal Code, Section 8-42 thru 8-56.
December 29, 2021
With winter weather upon us, remember that snow and ice build up on our roads and sidewalks can cause slippery conditions.  Let's work together to keep our town safe for pedestrians! Chapter 11: Article 1 - Sidewalks of Palisade's Municipal Code states

Town Updates

May 20, 2022
Know what's happening in your local government.  Join Mesa County commissioners, other county officials, and the Palisade Board of Trustees at their regular town hall meeting: 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in the Board Chambers located at 341 West 7th St in Palisade.  Please contact Town Hall at 970-464-5602 with any questions.
April 25, 2022
Did you miss the Open House for the upcoming Palisade Clinic?  You can still take a look at the design and color combinations, as well as leave us your comments or feedback by clicking here:  Palisade Clinic - Virtual Open House
April 25, 2022
The Palisade Tourism Advisory Board is looking for volunteers to serve through 2024.  Click here for more information.


Upcoming Public Meetings

Palisade Civic Center
Meetings begin at 6:00 PM Palisade Civic Center: 341 W 7th Street, Palisade, CO 81526 Click Here to view the agenda and packet
Palisade Civic Center
Meetings begin at 6:00 PM Palisade Civic Center: 341 W 7th Street, Palisade, CO 81526
Palisade Civic Center
Meetings begin at 6:00 PM Palisade Civic Center: 341 W 7th Street, Palisade, CO 81526 Agenda and packet will be posted no later than the Friday before the meeting.

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