Planning Commission


The Planning Commission for the Town of Palisade meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Board Chambers located at 341 West 7th Street in Palisade, Colorado at 6:00 pm.

Planning Commission Members


Chair Amy Gekas 

2022 - February 2025 - First Term


Commissioner Riley Parker

2022 - February 2025 - Second Term


Commissioner Don Bosch

2022 - February 2025 - First Term


Commissioner LisaMarie Pinder

2023 - February 2025 - First Term


Commissioner David Hull

2023 - February 2027 - Second Term


Vice Chair Ed Seymour

2023 - February 2027 - Second Term


Commissioner Brandon Burke

2023 - February 2027 - First Term


 *Ordinance 2019-16 amended the appointment date to odd-numbered years. Per that ordinance, some of the above terms have been altered from 4 years to 3 to accommodate the transition.

If you have any questions about an Agenda item or any questions for the Planning Commission please contact Community Development at planning@townofpalisade.org  You can also call (970) 464-5602 or you are welcome to attend any of the Planning Commission meetings and speak with the Commission during "Public Comment."