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Camping Season is Coming - Is Your Trailer Parked Correctly?

With the warmer weather comes the beginning of camping season in Western Colorado.  Did you know that the Town of Palisade Municipal Code has rules on camper and trailer parking on the streets?

According to the Code, Section 8-4, it is not allowed to park a trailer along any street, alley, highway, or public space except for the purpose of loading and unloading.

On Street Parking in Palisade

On-street parking in Palisade does have rules.  While you can park your vehicle at the curb, the street is not a vehicle storage area.  In fact, no vehicle may be parked for longer than 72 hours along the streets of Palisade before it must be moved.  Any vehicle that does not operate or has been abandoned is subject to Palisade Municipal Code, Section 8-42 thru 8-56.

Winter is here!

With winter weather upon us, remember that snow and ice build up on our roads and sidewalks can cause slippery conditions.  Let's work together to keep our town safe for pedestrians!

Chapter 11: Article 1 - Sidewalks of Palisade's Municipal Code states

Every owner or occupant of any lot, block, or parcel of real property within the Town which fronts upon, lies alongside, or is adjacent to a sidewalk shall keep such sidewalk clear of mud, dirt, rubbish, filth, and all other obstructions.

Obstructing Streets & Sidewalks and Parking on the Street

It’s always important to know that obstructing a street or sidewalk without getting permission from the Town of Palisade Utilities Director or Code Compliance Officer is not allowed.  This includes placing roll off dumpsters, construction materials or debris, landscape material and/or soil, or portable toilets on streets or sidewalks.

Speaking of (Area) Codes

Did you know that ten-digit dialing will soon be required when making local phone calls?  Beginning October 24th, 2021, the 970 area code will be one of 82 area codes that will require ten-digit dialing for all calls.  Yes, even local calls.  After October 24th, any calls made using seven-digit dialing may not connect.  Here are some helpful links with more information.

Avoiding Public Nuisances

Did you know that the public nuisance codes for the Town of Palisade contains information about unwanted uses or storage of items on private and public property?  Let’s discuss discarded items.

Bushes Are Getting Bushier!

As summer approaches our flowers and bushes fill out and spread their leaves, flowers, and branches outward.  Remember, while we all need to take our time to stop and smell the roses, we need to make sure that those roses aren't encroaching on public walkways.  Please check the sidewalk in front of your home to make sure it stays clear of branches from your flowers, bushes, and trees.  Town walkers will appreciate it!


Green Leaves Burden Trees

Remember, as trees grow and dress themselves in their Spring time green, the tree branches are getting heavier.  Check your trees next to sidewalks and streets for low-hanging or damaged branches.  Tree branches should not hang lower than 11 feet from the street and 9 feet from the sidewalk.

Code Compliance Corner

Officer Chapman would like to keep the citizens of Palisade up to date on Code Compliance issues and events as they come up.  Check back for updates!


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