Town of Palisade Clerk's Office

Welcome to the Clerk's Office

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for a myriad of duties within the Town of Palisade government offices. The Clerk is responsible for generating true and accurate records of all official public meetings and to record & maintain all rules, ordinances, and resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees. Additionally, the Clerk's duties include:

  • acting as the official custodian of all official Town DOCUMENTS & RECORDS
  • conducting all regular and special ELECTIONS held by the Town
  • oversees all licensing procedures as set forth by State statute and Town Ordinances (including BUSINESS LICENSING, LIQUOR LICENSING, and MARIJUANA LICENSING),
  • is the custodian of the Town Seal,
  • maintains CEMETERY records (including all sales),
  • administers oaths of office as set forth in State statute and Town Ordinances,
  • is the Clerk of the Palisade Municipal COURT
  • when applicable, acts as an administrative assistant to the Town Manager and,
  • supervises administrative support staff



Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 6pm
Palisade Civic Center
Meeting begins at 6:00 PMPalisade Civic Center: 341 W 7th Street, Palisade, CO 81526  
Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 6pm
Palisade Civic Center
Meeting begins at 6:00 PMPalisade Civic Center: 341 W 7th Street, Palisade, CO 81526
Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 6pm
Palisade Civic Center
Meeting begins at 6:00 PMPalisade Civic Center: 341 W 7th Street, Palisade, CO 81526  

Town of Palisade Municipal Code


The Palisade Municipal Code is the collection of laws (ordinances) adopted by the Palisade Board of Trustees.

Municipal Code

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)


The Town of Palisade complies with public records inspection requests in compliance with the Colorado Open Records Act, Article 72 of Title 24. The Act provides that "all public records are open for inspection by any person at reasonable times," unless otherwise provided by the Open Records Act itself or other law.

CORA Request

Please email CORA requests to the Town Clerk, Keli Frasier at kfrasier@townofpalisade.org.

Regular Municipal Mail Ballot Election April 2, 2024




Greg Mikolai   413

Bill Carlson     176



Rick Fox         317

Jeff Snook      317

Jan Kimbrough-Miller (Withdrew)    83

Ellen T Turner             313

Sarah Matchett          392

Lu Frederick   178


An automatic recount is NOT required




"WARNING: Any person who, by use of force or other means, unduly influences an eligible elector to vote in any particular manner or to refrain from voting, or who falsely makes, alters, forges, or counterfeits any mail ballot before or after it has been cast, or who destroys, defaces, mutilates, or tampers with a ballot is subject, upon conviction, to imprisonment, to a fine, or both."



A Candidate Forum will be hosted by the Palisade Chamber of Commerce at a date and time yet to be determined.


Meet the Candidates

Each term will be for four (4) years:



Candidates will be listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. The order will be chosen by a random lot draw on February 5, 2024 at 4:00 pm at Town Hall. Either the candidate or a representative appointed by the candidate may be present; however, neither is required.

All information below has been provided by the candidates


Occupation: Colorado Mesa University Instructor and Video Producer

Length of Time as a Town Resident: 30 Years

Previous Political Experience: I served from 2009 until 2017 on the District 51 School Board.  I was President of the board from 2011 through 2013.  I served as a Board of Trustee and Mayor Pro-Tem for the Town of Palisade from 2018 to 2020.  I was elected as Mayor in 2020. 

Other: I’ve made Palisade my home for over thirty years after moving here from Minnesota.  My two children, Bridger and Logan, attended Taylor Elementary, Mt. Garfield Middle School, Palisade High School and finally Colorado Mesa University: true products of the Grand Valley’s great educational system.

I’ve worked several positions in the communications industry: KJCT-TV, 3D Systems, Inc. and Rocky Mountain PBS.  I’ve been teaching in the Mass Communication Department of Colorado Mesa University since 2011.

In 2009 I successfully ran for election to represent District E on the District 51 School Board. I served two terms and was president of the board for four years.  That rewarding experience developed the leadership skills and fiduciary accountability I utilize today as Mayor for the Town of Palisade.



Length of Time as a Town Resident:

Previous Political Experience:



Occupation: Life Safety Manager, Colorado Mesa University

Length of Time as a Town Resident: Eighteen years, we purchased our home in early 2006

Previous Political Experience: I have no prior elected political experience.

Other: I am a Colorado Native from a Western Colorado Pioneer family. My great grandfather came to Telluride from Austria in 1893. Prior to moving to Palisade in 2006, we lived in Delta. I worked for the City of Delta as the Sports Coordinator managing all the active park facilities, youth and adult recreational and competitive sports. Prior to that, I worked for the Colorado Division of Wildlife primarily in support of Whirling Disease research.

I have worked in municipal and state government. I served on the TOP Parks & Recreation Advisory committee for many years and as chair for a few years. I was the President of the Mesa State College Classified Staff Council for many years and served on the Statewide Liaison Council for Higher Ed. I am an active Palisade Lions Club Member and am currently on that Board of Directors. I am a longtime volunteer for La Plaza (formerly Palisade Child and Migrant Services) as well as Palisade Historical Society. I have been a member and active in the Palisade Chamber of Commerce for all the years I've lived here. I have volunteered for all of the Palisade festivals, a volunteer local tour bus driver and have served a special role for Olde Fashioned Christmas for 16 years. I received an award from the TOP for my volunteer service. I was Palisade Lions Club Lion of the Year for 2015. During COVID, I partnered with Palisade COC, Pali-Tours, and Palisade Pedicab to bring Santa Claus to most of the grade schools in the valley via a playground private parade. I was a prime fundraiser and champion for the improved Palisade Skate Park.

I exercise daily over my lunch hour and have for decades. Yoga is my favorite noontime exercise. My wife, Shawna, and I love our golden retriever, Emma. We have historically had a male and female goldie. Our boy, Ray, went to heaven right before Christmas 2023. I collect antique locks and keys. I love to play on the river all summer and XC ski all winter. We are grateful to have lots of family in and around Palisade. We love our simple small town life in Palisade.

I am a regular safety and security consultant for higher ed and K-12 schools. I am not yet appointed to, but regularly participate on the State of Colorado, School Safety Advisory Board. I have organized and presented an annual Western Colorado safety and security training event for more than a decade.

I am looking forward to working on updating the Land Development Code based on the recent Comprehensive Plan and the sewer project to include the reclamation of the Riverbend sewage lagoons. I was on the Palisade Park and Recreation Advisory Board many years ago when we developed the Riverbend Park Conceptual Master Plan looking at some of the possible uses of this park land.


Occupation: Own & Operate Spoke & Vine Motel as well as Fidel's Cocina & Bar

Length of Time as a Town Resident: October will be 6 years

Previous Political Experience: Currently on the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) for the last 3-4 years

Other: Hello, my name is Jeff Snook. I’ve lived in Palisade since 2018 when we decided to purchase and renovate a small motel that is now the Spoke and Vine Motel. Our most recent venture has been our restaurant, Fidel’s Cocina & Bar.

Jody and I love living in Palisade and experiencing all that our special town has to offer. The support we’ve received as small business owners has been amazing. As active members in the community, we try to help Palisade thrive the best we can while safeguarding the small-town community feel. 
it is for this reason that I have decided to run for Town Trustee in 2024.

I want to take a collaborative approach to lay out a vision for the future of Palisade. Growth is inevitable and I want our town to grow in a healthy, responsible and sustainable way. And I want all members of our community to thrive and benefit from the growth.

I want to welcome visitors to our town and create experiences for all to enjoy but I want to lay out a framework for respectful and responsible tourism. One that brings revenue and growth but does not diminish our town’s character, well-being and integrity.

I envision infrastructure upgrades, including new streets and sidewalks that keep our children and all of our residents safe.  

I want to continue to seek out programs and grants to improve our town such as new parks, updating our swimming pool, improving our baseball fields and/or outdoor tennis and pickleball courts.

I look forward to meeting with everyone and having forward-thinking and productive conversations about our wonderful community. 

TRUSTEE CANDIDATE: Jan Kimbrough Miller 



Occupation: Retired

Length of Time as a Town Resident: 7 Years

Previous Political Experience: Current Trustee for Town of Palisade (2020-2024)



Occupation: Professional Cycling Coach

Length of Time as a Town Resident: 3.5 years in Palisade

Previous Political Experience: None, unless you count my experience negotiating with national governing bodies like USA Cycling and the U.C.I. (Union Cycliste Internationale).

Other: I grew up on the corner of my Grandfather’s cattle ranch in Grand Junction on 29 Road and Patterson. Throughout my childhood, I saw the farm shrink and watched housing developments spring up along the edges. Later, when it was time to sell the remaining land (now Matchett Park) we had to confront the competing interests of the town’s desire for growth, my grandfather’s desire to retire with dignity, and the community’s desire to preserve open space. This experience highlighted the complexities of municipal land development and sparked an interest in the politics of urban development.

More recently, I was actively involved in the campaign for the Grand Junction Community Recreation Center. The success of this campaign was the direct result of the vision of my father, and grandfather who were committed to providing access to open space to future generations.

I decided to run for Trustee when I learned that the town will begin revising it’s land use code in 2024. Our land use code is a critical tool for shaping our growth, protecting our character, and promoting the well-being of our residents. It is critical that this revision involves public input and participation and if elected I will work to engage the community in the process. This will ensure that the regulations put in place reflect the values and priorities of those who live here now, fostering a deeper sense of ownership and cooperation within our community.

My family taught me that good neighbors know each other’s names, that playing outside is essential for kids and adults, and that public service is way to build stronger communities. Running and serving in Palisade is a way I can pay homage to these lessons and help ensure that our little corner of the Western Slope continues to be a place where you can get help from a neighbor, where your voice can be heard, and where the growth and prosperity the town enjoys enhances the community for us all.



Length of Time as a Town Resident:

Previous Political Experience:

Other: Lu Frederick for Trustee: Nurturing Community Growth and Connection

As a passionate advocate for community well-being, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Trustee. My name is Lu Frederick, and my commitment to fostering a vibrant, connected community is at the core of my values.

About Me:
With a green thumb and a heart dedicated to community, I currently am one of the main members that spearhead the Palisade Community Garden. This initiative not only cultivates fresh produce but also serves as a hub for neighbors to come together, share knowledge, and cultivate lasting connections. Additionally, I have championed the success of our local Clothes Swap, promoting sustainability and building a sense of shared responsibility.

A Listening Trustee:
I understand the pulse of our community because I actively engage in its heartbeat. As your Trustee, my commitment is to ensure that every voice is not only heard but genuinely listened to. I believe in the power of community-driven decisions, and I am here to amplify your concerns, ideas, and aspirations. Together, we can shape policies that truly reflect the needs and desires of our diverse community.

Events that Unite Us:
From the success of the Community Garden to the joy of the Clothes Swap, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of events that bring us together. As your Trustee, I will continue to champion and create events that celebrate our unique community spirit. Whether it's a seasonal festival, a neighborhood clean-up, or an educational workshop, I envision events that strengthen our bonds and make lasting memories.

Building Bridges, Not Barriers:
My vision for our community is one of inclusivity, collaboration, and growth. I am dedicated to breaking down barriers and building bridges that connect every corner of our neighborhood. Together, let's create a community where everyone feels not only heard but actively included in the decisions that shape our shared future.

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as your Trustee, and I look forward to the journey ahead. Together, we can cultivate a community where each voice matters, and our shared successes are a testament to the strength of our unity.

Vote Lu Frederick for Trustee — Your Voice Matters!


Information for Voters

Ballot Content
  • One (1) Mayor position - see Sample Ballot or "Meet the Candidates"
  • Three (3) Trustee positions - see Sample Ballot or "Meet the Candidates"
  • No additional questions will be on the April 2, 2024 ballot.
How to Return Your Ballot

You may return your ballot by mail in the provided return envelope. Postage IS required. Please keep in mind when mailing that your ballot must be RECEIVED by the Town Clerk's Office no later than Election Day.


Palisade Town Hall: 175 E 3rd Street, Palisade. Drop-box open 24 hours a day beginning on March 11, 2024, and up to 7:00 pm on Election Day, April 2, 2024.

Veterans Memorial Community Center: 120 W 8th Street, Palisade. Drop-box open 24 hours a day beginning on March 11, 2024, and up to 7:00 pm on Election Day, April 2, 2024.

Replacement Ballot

Replacement ballots may be obtained form the Palisade Town Clerk's Office located at 175 E 3rd Street, Palisade BEGINNING the week of March 11, 2024, thru Election Day, April 2, 2024, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on Election Day, April 4, 2024.

Register to Vote or Check Voter Status

Click Here to Register to Vote OR Check Voter Status


Information for Candidates

Important Dates

January 2      First day to circulate nomination petitions

January 22    Last day to circulate nomination petitions, signed affidavit of circulator, and acceptance of nomination due in Town Clerk’s office by 4:30 pm; Candidates must file Candidate Affidavit/Fair Campaign Practices Act with Town Clerk.  

January 29    Last day for filing an affidavit of intent to be a write-in candidate

January 29    Last day nomination petitions may be amended to correct or replace signatures Last day candidates may withdraw from the nomination

January 29    Last day for a candidate to withdraw from nomination

February 2    First FCPA Report Due

February 5    Drawing by lot to determine the order of candidates listed on the ballot at 4:00 pm at Town Hall. Either the candidate or a representative appointed by the candidate may be present; however, neither is required.

March 1         Second FCPA Report Due

March 11       Ballots begin being mailed

March 18       Third FCPA Report due

April 2            Election Day

April 12          Last day for Clerk to certify election results

April 23          New Trustees will be sworn into office at the regularly scheduled meeting beginning at 6:00 pm at the Palisade Civic Center 341 W 7th Street, Palisade, CO 81526.

May 2            Final FCPA Report due

NOTE: These dates are determined according to the Municipal Election Code. Failure to meet a deadline could result in candidate disqualification. If you are unclear on a deadline, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (970) 464-5602.

Colorado Municipal Candidate Guide

Click Here to View the Colorado Municipal Candidate's Guide

Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA) Info and Forms

FCPA General Info

FCPA Campaign & Political Finance Manual

Form: Non-Receipt of Contributions Non-Expenditure of Funds

Form: Statement of Personal Expenditures

For all other FCPA forms, please contact the Town Clerk at (970) 464-5602 or kfrasier@townofpalisade.org



Liquor Licenses

 The Town Clerk's Office cannot give legal advice pertaining to Liquor License applications. General guidance is offered, but all applicants must consult with their attorney for questions and concerns when applying for any type of liquor license.

All applications listed below MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE TOWN CLERK. The Clerk will forward the application to the Colorado Department of Liquor Enforcement upon local approval.

For the most updated and current applications and information, please visit the State of Colorado Department of Revenue's website.

Rules and Regulations

State of Colorado Liquor Code

State of Colorado Liquor Rules

State of Colorado Special Event Liquor Code

Local Applications

Temporary Permit Application

State Applications

Liquor License Application (New)

Liquor License Application (Renewal)

Special Event License Application

Modification of Premesis (Permit Application and Report of Changes)

Wholesaler Affidavit

Check Lists, Processes and General Info

New License Checklist


Neighborhood Needs and Desires Guidlines

Distance Restrictions

Fingerprinting for Liquor Licenses: Privacy Policy and Notice to Applicants

Special Event Permit Information

Transfer of Ownership Process


Marijuana Licenses

The Town Clerk's Office cannot give legal advice pertaining to Marijuana License applications. General guidance is offered, but all applicants must consult with their attorney for questions and concerns when applying for any type of license.

For the most updated and current applications and information, please visit the State of Colorado Department of Revenue's website.

Rules and Regulations

Coming Soon

Local Applications

New Retail License Application

Medical Marijuana Renewal Application

Retail Marijuana Renewal Application

Individual History Record

Application for a Major Change

State Applications

Click here to be directed to the State of Colorado's Applications & Forms

General Info

Please view Chapter 6 of the Palisade Municipal Code for more information on marijuana licenses.

Click Here to View Code

Business Licenses

The Town Clerk's Office cannot give legal advice pertaining to Business License applications. General guidance is offered, but all applicants must consult with their attorney for questions and concerns when applying for any type of license.



General Business License (Yearly)

Home Business License

Short-Term Vacation Rental Home

Daily/Special Event

General Info

Please view Chapter 6 of the Palisade Municipal Code for more information on Business Licenses.

Click Here to View Code





All Current Ordinance Can Be Found Here



2022-01-LDC Text Amendment-Bed and Breakfasts

2022-02-LDC Text Amendment-Child Care Homes

2022-03-LDC Text Amendment-Board of Trustees Decision

2022-04-LDC Text Amendment-Trash Enclosures

2022-05-MJ Moratorium Extension to December 31 2022

2022-06-317 W. 8th Street Rezone

2022-07-702 37.1 Road Rezone

2022-08 - Tourism Advisory Board Restructuring

2022-09 - Lincoln Woodworks Rezone

2022-10 - Text Amendment Concert Permits

2022-11 - Sewer Industrial Discharge

2022-12-Moratorium on Subdivisions

2022-13 -Text Amendment Liquor Code

2022-14 - High Country Orchards ROW Vacation Extension

2022-15 - Text Amendment Liquor Code- Public Notice

2022-16 - LDC Text Amendment - Outdoor Lighting

2022-17 - International Energy Conservation Code Adoption

2022-18 - Extension Moratorium on Subdivisions

2022-19 - Text Amendment Marijuana Code

2022-20 -Text Amendment Lodging Tax

2022-21-LDC Text Amendment-Building Height Measure



2021-01 - Text Amendment Clean-Up

2021-02: Retail Marijuana Store Moratorium Extension

2021-03: LDC Text Amendment Use Table 6.01

2021-04: Fowl Permit Repeal

2021-05: 1724 37 3.10 Rd. Rezone

2021-06: LDC Text Amendment Use Table 6.01

2021-07: High Country Orchards ROW Vacation Extension

2021-08: MJ Moratorium Extension to March 31 2022

2021-09: Watershed Clean-Up

2021-10: North River Road DeAnnexation

2021-11: Fire Chief Residency

2021-12-Adoption of Salary Schedule



2020-01: Cresthaven Acres Sewer Easement Vacation

2020-02: 105 Main Street Re-zone

2020-03: Site Plan Applications to be a Public Hearing before the Planning Commission

2020-04: Variance Applications to be a Public Hearing before the Planning Commission

2020-05: Amend Land Development Code HR Zoning

2020-06: Amend Land Development Code Guest Parking

2020-07: Fire Code Adoption

2020-08: High Country Orchards Right-of-Way Vacation

2020-09: Model Traffic Code Adoption

2020-10: Stormwater Code Update

2020-11: Truck Route

2020-12: Amend Land Development Code for Taverns

2020-13: Municipal Code Amendment to Add Procurement Policy

2020-14: Municipal Code Amendment to Liquor Code



2019-01: Adopting Building Codes

2019-02: Rezone 3691 G Road

2019-03: Amending LDC - Utility, Major to Conditional Use

2019-05: Moratorium on New Development Applications

2019-06: Amendment to LDC RV Space Occupancy Duration

2019-07: Amending Subdivision Requirements

2019-08: Transportation Impact Fee Update

2019-10: Marijuana License Priorities and Deadlines

2019-12: Marijuana Moratorium


Coming Soon




All Current Resolutions Can Be Found Here



2022-02 USDA Signing Authority

2022-03 Fee Schedule Update (Garbage Fees)

2022-04 TAB Meeting Time Amendment

2022-05 DOLA Grant Support

2022-06 OEDIT Grant Support

2022-07 - DOLA Innovative Housing Strategies Planning Grant

2022-08 - 2022 Special Event Calendar

2022-09 - Appointing Town Officers

2022-10 - Fee Schedule Update - Concert Permits

2022-11 - Fee Schedule Update - Liquor and Fire Fees

2022-12 - IGA Mesa County Building Department

2022-13 - SS4A Grant and MOA

2022-14 - MC IGA Nov 8, 2022 Special Election

2022-15 - DOLA Grant for Lift Station on Troyer Ave

2022-16 - Mesa County FMLD Grant for Fire Equipment

2022-17 - Lodging Tax Ballot Question

2022-18 - Appointing Election Official for Special Election

2022-19 - FAMLI Opt-Out

2022-20 - 2021 Audit Acceptance

2022-21 - 2021 Supplimental Budget Appropriation to Tourism Fund

2022-22 - 2021 Supplimental Budget Appropriation to Solid Waste Fund

2022-23 - EIAF Grant AMENDED - Troyer Lift Station

2022-24 - Elberta MMOF Grant Support

2022-25 - 2023 Budget Approprating Sums

2022-26 - 2023 Budget Exp and Revenues

2022-27 - 2023 Budget Tax Levy

2022-28 - Bank Accounts signatures

2022-29 - Amended Budget Tax Levy

2022-30 - Meeting Resolution



2021-01: Garbage Budget Amendment

2021-02: Water/Sewer Budget Amendment

2021-03: Fee Schedule Update

2021-05: Fee Schedule Update

2021-06 Conservation Trust Fund 2020 Amendment

2021-07: General Fund 2021 Amendment

2021-08: Terminating Disaster Emergency

2021-09 - DOLA Tier 1 Grant for IT

2021-10 - DOLA Admin Grant for Comp Plan

2021-11 - BOT Meeting Procedures

2021-12 - 2020 Audit Acceptance

2021-13 - School District 51 Bond Support

2021-14 - Appointing 2022 Election Official

2021-15 - Appointing 2022 Election Judges

2021-16 - Meeting Time and Place

2021-17 - Budget Approprating Sums

2021-18 - Budget Exp and Revenues

2021-19 - Budget Tax Levy



2020-01 - Setting Ballot Language Regarding Non-Publishing of Expenditures

2020-02 - Palisade Fire District Protection - Re-labeled 2020-10

2020-03 - Town Officer Appointment

2020-04 - Appointment of Municipal Judge

2020-05 - Appointment of Election Judges

2020-06 - Designated Election Official

2020-07 - Declaration of Local Disaster Emergency

2020-08 - Emergency Electronic Meeting Policy

2020-09 - Town Officer Apointment

2020-10 - DOLA Fire Re-Districting

2020-11 - CDOT Contract for Highway 6 Project

2020-12 - Licensed Premises and ROW Permits

2020-13 - Bank Account Signatures

2020-14 - COVID-19 Board of Trustees Policy - FAILED

2020-15 - TAP Grant IGA with Mesa County

2020-16 - Cemetery Policy Re: Headstones and Holiday Burials

2020-17 - Board of Trustees Vacancy Policy

2020-18 - Real Estate Agreement for Palisade Plunge Parking Lot

2020-19 - Street Classification Map

2020-20 - 2019 Audit Acceptance

2020-21 - Cresthaven Final Plat

2020-22 - Mesa County Hazard Mitigation Plan

2020-23 - EPA Asbestos Mitigation Grant


Coming Soon


Coming Soon